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About us?

SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” is a company that has more than 20-years’ experience at the Latvian tourism market and meets the highest-level service standards applicable to tourism service provision. SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” was established in 1998, offering its customers a wide range of tourism services and information all over the world.


This policy covers:

While using the homepage of SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs”, you may be demanded to provide personal data, including that needed to purchase travels, subscribe to information newsletters or submit queries. Personal data provided to SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” will be used with maximum attention and respect. SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” will use your personal data to fulfil its obligations for travel arrangements and payments. Your personal data will be used for the following purposes: accounting, invoicing and audit, conclusion of a travel sales agreement, preparation of a travel proposal, security measures, administration and legal purposes, system checks, maintenance and enhancement, communications with clients, etc. 


What do we do?

Which data do we handle?

We handle data actively sent to us by a user via our web-site, application and by using our services, e.g. name, surname, email and phone number and in some cases personal code and residential address.  We also handle data (cookies) on user’s connections to our web-sites and applications. Moreover, we collect information from your PC or device, e.g. your IP address, used browser and language settings. This data is handled by service providers, e.g. Google Analytics Solutions but not only.

The Agency keeps email communications with clients and prospective clients that contain personal data and phone conversation audio records made to ensure quality assurance and improvement of support of and/or service provision to clients or prospective clients, which deemed personal data handling, as such handling is needed to protect the Agency’s lawful interests (to have evidences in case of claims for inappropriate tourism service provision and/or fulfilment of contractual obligations and to have evidences in case of possible claims resulting from tort) for ten years, starting with the day of service provision or a final email communication.


How do we use the data?

Information that we receive from a user (e.g. name, email address, phone number) is used to contact a user or prepare his requested travel, for example. Data on how a user uses our web-sites and applications is handled for statistical reasons to improve our web-sites and applications and shape relevant content.

To improve the quality of our services and products, SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” records outgoing and incoming conversations.


Third Party Services

Depending on Your selected travelling order, we may need to transfer Your personal data to airlines, tour operators, hotels, embassies and other enterprises involved in the organisation of Your travel and related services as well as to other partners, data handling companies instructed by us, credit card payment centres and other organisations, and as a result Your personal data can be sent outside the European Union or European Economic Area.

Web-sites and applications use services, e.g. Google Analytics Solutions (but not only) to monitor user activities. We use Google, Facebook and other third person services to handle anonymous data and use it for relevant promotions.


Cookies and handled or anonymous data

We use cookies on our web-sites and services in many ways to identify users as unique but anonymous persons. Use of cookies helps us to improve services provided to You, e.g. prohibiting You from entering information that has already been entered. Use of cookies helps to register the number of visitors and handle statistics and data on how users use services provided by SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs”. We use statistics to improve our web-site, application and quality of services as well as to shape content relevant to a user, by using advertising. All this data is handled anonymously, which means that we cannot link data to an individual user or authenticate a user that sends a request on our web-site, by using our online authentication service. 


Personal data handling principles:

While handling personal data, SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” protects each person’s privacy, strictly comply with the requirements of the Regulation and requirements of applicable standards and otherwise, particularly, the following principles:

  • personal data is collected only for a definite and lawful purpose and is handled only for such purposes that correspond to those of individual person’s data collection;
  • personal data is handled in an accurate, fair and lawful manner;
  • personal data is accurate and constantly updated if needed for personal data handling. Inaccurate or incomplete data is improved, supplemented, deleted or its handling is terminated;
  • personal data is identical, relevant and in a volume that needed for data collection and further handling;
  • personal data is kept in the form that allows identifying a data subject for no longer than needed for the purpose, for which such data is summarised and handled;
  • personal data is handled in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation and requirements of applicable standards

We may use Your personal data:

  • to administer the web-site;
  • to improve the home page browsing, by personalising the web-site;
  • to give You an opportunity to use services available on the web-site;
  • to send You general commercial notifications (not promotions);
  • to send you duly requested email notifications;
  • to send You our newsletter and other information relating to our business;
  • to resolve Your matters or questions or claims submitted by You in relation to the web-site.


Purpose of personal data handling

  • Personal data can be handled for the following purposes: direct marketing (subject to the person’s prior content), person’s identification, verification of person’s data accuracy, provision of financial services and entering into, fulfilment and control of other transactions, registration of contracts and clients, elimination of financial losses, protection and defence of rights and lawful interests of SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs”, evaluation of credibility, debt management, relevant service provision;
  • A user may disagree with handling his personal data for the above purpose and withdraw his previously given consent, by submitting a written application for withdrawal of his consent to SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs”; the application shall be considered within 1 (one) month from the day of receipt. A consent cannot be withdrawn if the User is a party to valid agreements with SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” or if the Agreements are terminated, while there are unfulfilled obligations to/debts against SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” to be fulfilled/paid by the User.
  • The user may terminate receipt of commercial communication sent by SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs”, and the User may disagree with personal data handling for direct marketing. The User may withdraw previously given consent with data handling for direct marketing purposes, by clearly and unambiguously expressing his will in a written application to be submitted to an employee or representative of SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs”, by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by clicking a special link sent by SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” to terminate newsletter delivery.
  • SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” user’s personal data can be transferred to third parties only if the user has given relevant consent or if it is needed to protect lawful interests of SIA „Tūrisma aģentūra Kolumbs” or a third party provided with the Personal Data unless the User’s interests are more important, as well as in accordance with the requirements of existing regulations.


Disclosure of data

We may disclose data relating to You to our employees, officers, attorneys, suppliers or subcontractors to the extent that it is needed due to the confidentiality reasons defined in this policy.

  • In addition, we may disclose Your personal data:
  • in the scope provided for by the law;
  • in relation to any legal proceedings or possible legal proceedings;
  • to define, use or protect our lawful interests (including provision of information to other persons or prevention of fraud and mitigation of a credit risk);
  • to any person that, in our reasonable opinion, may go to court or another competent institution to ensure disclosure of such personal data if, in our reasonable opinion, such a court or another institution may reasonably request that such personal data is disclosed.

Except for the cases stipulated in this confidentiality policy, we do not disclose Your data to any third parties.


Your rights and choice

You may demand access to the data relating to You that we possess. However, before we provide such data, we have to identify You. If you wish to request access to Your data, please contact the Marketing Department: [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.].

If you have browsed the web-site and, while visiting our web-site, you do not wish that your personal data is handled, please activate private browsing mode in your browser. 

You may prohibit us from handling Your personal data for advertising purposes, by sending a relevant email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Safety of Your personal data

We take reasonable technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss, misuse or modification of Your personal data.

All personal data that You provide is kept on safe servers (protected with passwords and firewalls).

Indeed, data transfer in the Internet is unsafe as such, and we cannot guarantee safety of data sent via Internet.


This policy updating

We may update this policy regularly. Updated confidentiality policy is always available to visitors of our web-site.